What is half of an A4?

A4 paper is the most widely used (and therefore best known) paper size available. You can find the paper in just about any home garden and kitchen printer. Use it as stationery or print your reports on it. A4’s are also often used as a basis for various means of communication. Examples here are manuals, white papers, menus and calendars. Often you use half the size of an A4. Hence the question: What is half of an A4?

Because A4 paper is used for many different purposes, you quickly recognize the size and say; hey that’s an A4. But if the sizes become larger or smaller, then the doubt often strikes. Because what is half the size of an A4? Or double? We give the answer once and for all.

ISO-216 paper sizes. Here you see half of an A4 and one A4 in view of the other A-formats.

De helft van een A4 is A5

If you look at the dimensions of the paper, everything starts with the basic size A0. A0 has a surface area of 1 m2. The number after the A indicates how often you have to fold the basic size to get to that size. If you fold an A0 once, you get an A1 with half the surface area of A0. And if you fold an A0 five times, you get an A5 (half the size of an A4). So a system has been created where each size is half of the previous size. The smaller the paper size, the higher the number behind the A.

With this theory in mind, next time you will know immediately what half of an A4 paper is. Because when you fold an A4 paper in half, you get A5 size paper.

Afmetingen A5 formaat

  • A5 in centimetres: 14.8 cm x 21 cm  
  • One A5 in millimetres: 148 mm x 210 mm
  • A5 in inches: 5,8 x 8,3 inches

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