What is the size of an A4 envelope?

There are envelopes in many different types, sizes and colours. Just walk into a bookstore -or take a look at the collection of an online envelope shop- and you will often see many envelopes. Whether you need an envelope to send a registered letter or an envelope for a small postcard, for almost every size, there is a suitable envelope. But which envelope do you need for A4? And what is the size of an A4 envelope?

Which envelope do you need for A4?

You can, of course, fold your A4 papers in half so that it fits in the standard C6 envelope. But it is not the best -and most beautiful- solution for your paper. That’s why we advise you to always choose an envelope size that is at least 5-10 millimetres larger than what you want to send. If you want to put A4 paper unfolded in an envelope, it is best to choose the EA4 envelope. What is the reason for this? We explain it to you below.

The size of an A4 envelope

When you are looking for an envelope for your A4 paper, it is first of all important to know what the dimensions of A4s are. Then add 5 mm to the length and width of your paper size to know which envelope you need.

A4 paper has the following dimensions: width 297 mm x length 210 mm. Add 5 mm per side. This way you know for sure that the papers fit well in the envelope. This means that your envelope for unfolded A4 paper must have the following minimum dimensions: 302 x 215 mm.

Envelope sizes in which A4 paper can be unfolded:

  • EA4 envelope: 312 x 220 mm
  • C4 envelope: 324 x 229 mm

If you don’t mind folding your A4 paper once (up to A5 size, 148 x 210mm), you could also choose the following envelope sizes:

  • EA5 envelope: 220 x 156 mm
  • C5 envelope: 229 x 162 mm

A4 envelopes in all types and colours

Now that you know what size envelope you need to send A4 paper unfolded (EA4 or C4 envelope), you are faced with the next choice. Because you choose an envelope with or without a window. With or without adhesive border. Printed with company data or unprinted. And what about the color envelope. In some webshops you can order envelopes in all colors of the rainbow. Enough choice when it comes to A4 envelopes!